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Cut your electricity bills:

The energy that your solar panels generate can be used to cut your electricity bill, any energy you do not use will be exported to the national grid.  At the moment there is no monitoring device that can measure how much electricity you are exporting back to the grid, therefore, it is assumed that 50% of the electricity generated is exported back to the grid.

This is where the Export Tarriff is beneficial as the energy suppliers will pay additional money for the 50% of the total electricity generated, meaning you will get paid for generating energy (at the current rate) and you will also receieve an additional payment for 50% of the generated energy again at the export rate.

A generation meter is required to measure your solar PV system generation levels to provide you with accurate FiT payments.  This is provided as part of your solar PV installation.  You may be required to read this meter, this is just the same process as reading your normal electricity meter.

When you recieve your FiT payments can vary from supplier to supplier, however most make quarterly payments (every 3 months).